Tuesday , 30 August 2016

Baby Bear Stamp Set

My team and I have had a lot of fun talking about the new Baby Bear stamp set- you either love it or you hate it, no middle of the road. *Ü* I happen to like it and I’ve loved stamping the three step stamping to get the depth of a more real looking bear.     This Baby Bear ... Read More »

Goans enjoy ‘Arabian Nights’ in Kuwait

~by Gasper Crasto…23.06.2016 Kuwait: A group of Goans organized a grotesque ‘Arabain Nights’ party of family and friends at a chalet in Kabd over the weekend.  The event organized to ‘cool down the summer’ began with a devotional hymn; everyone rendered their vocals in a warm, merry grace. Main coordinator of the event Tessy Noronha welcomed the guests and addressed ... Read More »