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Terms of Use

Full access to the Site functionality and its Content is offered to Users who have got acquainted with terms of service and have agreed with its highlights. By using Content or some functions of the Site, you agree with this contract. In case the User doesn't accept some parts of the agreement, he must not use the Web-site under any circumstances and leave it immediately.

The Web-site administration can change terms of service at any time — all made changes will be published on the Web-site. Changes will become valid from the moment of their publication on the Site, unless otherwise provided by the new version of this agreement. By using the Site content, the User confirms that he/she has examined the changes and has agreed with them. If the User doesn't agree with the last changes, then he has to stop using the Site and leave It immediately. The User can use Site materials only within the framework, determined by the local legislation.


1.1. A private office — the special section which is created for each User after the registration procedure was done. The private office is used as an identification of the personality. The private office has its own sections which are presented on the Web-site. Instead of a login/password introduction, it is possible to become authorized through social networks, like Facebook or Google+.

1.2. The user — the natural person who uses Site materials: checks pages of the Site, downloads certain content, leaves comments, etc.

1.3. The administration — a group of persons who carries out management of the Site, monitors implementation of the established rules. Contact information of administration — e-mail:

1.4. the Site — the Internet resource with the web-address:

1.5. The Application — is a software named wallspic, designed to use the Website on mobile devices with Android operating system. The application is available in Google Play ( The procedure of using the Application is described in Section 5 of the Agreement.

1.6. The Content — the material placed on the Site with semantic loading (texts, pictures, attached audio-/video files etc.). Uploading of content by Users isn't controlled by administration of the Site — it acts as the information intermediary. If the User places content which is violating conditions of service terms, then the Administration has the right to remove him according to certain section 4 of this Agreement. Besides, the Administration can apply certain measures to a violator.

1.7. The agreement — the present document.

1.8. The parties — Administration and the User in common. The party is a separate mention of one of them.


2.1. Conditions of the Site materials usage are defined by this agreement. This document has full validity and can be used for conflict situations resolution between the User and Administration.

2.2. A task of Administration — to offer to the User all necessary conditions for the search, uploading and downloading of content for personal non-commercial purposes only.

2.3. The administration has full authority to post advertising in certain sections of the Site in the discretion. The responsibility for the content of the advertisement lies down on the advertiser. The transition to an advertising link is carried out by the User.


3.1. For downloading/placement of content, the User has to be registered on the Site. The procedure of registration is absolutely free. For the passing of registration, it is necessary to fill in correctly several compulsory forms. It is obligatory to provide valid information.

3.2. The registration procedure is performed by each User only once. Upon registration finished the User receives the unique login and also the password for account access. The administration doesn't bear responsibility for disclosure of personal data to third parties.

3.3. The administration has the right to block or remove the account of the User at discretion without possibility to recover it in case the User violates this Agreement. Violation of service terms — for example, placements of content which violates copyright or the Site policy can become the reason.


4.1. the Content uploaded by the User to the Site has to be corresponded to conditions of this Agreement.

4.2. the Content posted on the Site by Users can be freely used for private usage except for commercial purposes.

4.3. Users are forbidden to alter content intentionally and to hide the marks indicating the author of the content.

4.4. The Site, including its decorative and informational blocks, is the intellectual property of Administration.

4.5. The user confirms the Administration rights for distribution, reproduction and the translation of the placed content for the discretion.

4.6. If the User considers that his rights have been violated, then he can address the Site Administration in writing. The letter must include the violation confirmation facts. Besides, the User has to apply:

  • the work description belonging to the User and the rights which according to it, has been violated;
  • the indication of the section on which this content is located;
  • e-mail, phone number and physical address of the owner;
  • a written statement which confirms the fact of illegal material use by Administration of the Site.

Ten calendar days are allocated to the complaint consideration. The list of necessary documents can be directed to The User can also fill a special form on the Site.


5.1. The Administration offers to the User all necessary conditions for the search, uploading and downloading of content for personal non-commercial purposes only, not just through the Site, but through the Application as well.

The User chooses a way of the Website use independently – in a usual way (via a computer’s Internet browser) or with the help of the Application.

5.2. To use the Application, the User must install it on his/her device.

5.3. The functions of the Application are similar to the ones provided through the Site during its regular use.

5.4. When using the Application, all the provisions of this Agreement are fully applicable, unless stated otherwise directly in the Application.

The Administration has the right to introduce particular features when using the Application, notifying the User in the Application itself and (or) by adding a separate document to the Application itself, that regulates terms of the use.


6.1. The administration is obliged to keep confidential regarding personal information of each User. Responsibility for the leaking of confidential information to the third parties is carried by Administration of the Site.


7.1. Before using the Site, the User has to estimate all possible risks connected with the legality and reliability of the located content.

7.2. The administration of the Site can't guarantee the smooth and faultless functioning of the Site.

7.3. The user bears responsibility for unauthorized use of content posted on the website.

7.4. The user bears full responsibility for all losses which have been received during a violation of this Agreement.

7.5. The parties are exempted from liability if there comes to the Force Majeure situation. In that case, the international regulations come into force.


8.1. At the emergence of the disputable situations which have arisen during use of the Site by the User can be solved by negotiations means between the Parties. For this settlement, thirty calendar days are allocated.

8.2. After the term specified in 7.1, the Party has legitimate right to address judicial instance for upholding and receiving compensation rights.

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